Objectives and Values

Objectives and Values


High standards of quality and excellence

Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Law Firm Group has as its main goal to achieve a position of respect among all legal operators, including Colleagues and, equally among our clients, who are the testimony and the basis of its existence.       

Since its existence our Law Firm has grown steadily in a sustainable manner, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence in the services it provides.

The Law Firm is recognized for the quality of the legal services it provides, with its primary mission to meet the needs, rights and interests of our clients. 

In the last decade there was a need for specialization and growth in the corporate areas of business law, which we follow on a daily basis.

By doing so, our Law Firm wishes to ensure a service of excellence, independence and high concern with the matters entrusted to us, with the main objective of anticipating and optimizing our clients needs. 

New Technologies

Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Law Firm Group maintains the delivery of its business, relying on new technologies, consolidating them in the quality of services with a policy that supports investment in information management and knowledge and a willingness to upgrade their employees, providing the same training.

Social Sphere

In the social sphere, Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Law Firm Group has demonstrated its willingness to sponsor some projects that are in need of taking a legal provision. Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Law Firm Group helps develop these social projects being undertaken as a commitment that Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Law Firm Group has pro bono initiatives.