In civil cases, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strictly follows Shari’a Jurisprudence in addition to regulations promulgated in compliance with Shari’a to guide practitioners, namely, “Procedural Law before Shari’a Courts” Royal Decree No. (M/1) dated 22 Muharram 1435 H Corresponding 25 November 2013.

Procedural law before Shari’a courts plays a major role in the Kingdom as it regulates all cases in the absence of the jurisdictions related to them including issues related to compensation, ownership, real estate, easements, and mortgages. 

Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Low firm Group FIRM provides various legal services in relation to civil litigations, such as:

  • Providing Representation to clients in various courts including Public Courts, Court of Appeals and,
  • Supreme Courts; and
  • Providing Legal Advice to clients in various civil cases and controversies; and drafting Legal Documents and
  • Memoranda on behalf of clients necessary for civil legal controversy or adversary proceeding.



Commercial litigation covers disputes arising by and between companies or individuals engaged in commercial activities whether registered in Saudi Arabia, Gulf Cooperative Council GCC states (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and The United Arab Emirates) registered as foreign companies or Saudi companies having a commercial dispute locally or in GCC Countries or Internationally.

“Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Low firm Group provides clients with experienced and specialized attorneys to represent them before Commercial Courts in Internal Corporates Disputes; Contractual Disputes; and Third Parties Disputes such as: Distribution, Manufacturing, Product Liability, whether before Commercial Courts or before Civil Courts and in some instances Commercial Paper disputes and Fraud cases.”

Saudi Arabia regulates a broad range of commercial activities involving companies and individuals and remedies from compensatory to other forms of remedies afforded in the law. This is achieved through Corporate Law and Commercial Transactions


Employment in Saudi Arabia is segregated into two sectors: Public Sector and Private Sector. Public Sector is regulated by the “Civil Service Law”; and Private Sector is regulated by “Labor Law” by Royal Decree No. (M/42) Dated 5th Jamada Awal 1436 H Corresponding 24 February 2015. Each sector is governed by a specialized authority in relation to employers’ and employees’ rights and obligations such as vacations, working hours, awards, and a safe environment. Companies may be excluded from these governing authorities by establishing an Internal Regulation Policy drafted in accordance with Saudi Labor Law.

Dr.Abdulkareem Al-Shehri Low firm Group provides a comprehensive legal service related to employment, either to employees or employers:


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s formed a specialized committee in 1989; “The Public Litigation and Investigation Committee” specialized in litigating crimes. This committee regulates on behalf of the state all criminal acts that fall into its jurisdiction and present it before a competent court.

Different cases fall under criminal litigation and governed under differed laws, including but not limited to, the following:

As such, Money Laundering is governed by “Anti-Money Laundering Law” Royal Decree No. (M/31) Dated 11 Jamada Awal 1433 H Corresponding 3 April 2012, Fraud is governed by “Anti-Forgery Law” Royal Decree No. (114) Dated 26 Dhul-Qadah 1380 Corresponding 12 May 1961, and Cyber Crimes are governed by “Anti-Cyber Crimes Law” Royal Decree No. (M/17) Dated 8 Rabea’a Awal 1428 Corresponding 27 March 2007.


Insurance covers a wide spectrum of different insurance type and industries, such as: Industrial Insurance, Building Insurances, Maritime Insurance, Aerospace Insurance, Car Insurance, Freight Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. Insurance is governed by “Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law” by Royal Decree No. (M/32) Dated 2 Jamada Akhirah 1424 H Corresponding 31 July 2003.

We provide legal representation and legal advice to companies and individuals, pertaining to different types of insurance, including, but not limited to, the following:


All personal status matters are dealt with and adjudicated under the Sharia’s Jurisprudence in Saudi Arabia, which regulates claims relating to: