Our Firm

Our Firm

Recognized merit and excellence

We started our activity on September 20, 1986, now it was organized as a legal office and under the name “Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Shehri Law firm Group of Companies”. The natural path was to move towards setting up a law firm, which happened on July 10, 2006. Since our establishment, we have assumed ourselves as a law firm.

Why do you need to choose a law firm?

People are looking for a lawyer who will provide them with outstanding professional service and an absolute understanding of their business. At the same time, they are looking for those who provide them with specialized legal services at an appropriate cost commensurate with their activity. As a law firm, we strive to provide a specialized and personalized legal service; we try to be very close to our customers, anticipate their needs, and optimize their results. Our goals are to provide legal services of recognized merit and excellence, personalization, dedication, and regulation of our working methods. This helps us achieve better results.

We remain true to the principles that were at the origin of our law firm:

  • The quality of the professional work of each professional integrates with his team, supports and promotes continuous training of employees, exchanges knowledge, and disseminates his work in the areas of practice in which he works.
  • A strong relationship with clients and accuracy in the legal services provided.
  • The ability to innovate through the experience gained.
  • Integrity and respect for the ethical rules of the profession that govern us.

As a law firm, we have been able to improve the results we propose, to provide a more competitive service legally and economically, while focusing our daily activity on the constant monitoring of all the topics that our clients adhere to

Efficiency, access, personalized service, and expertise make our law firm a better choice for private clients and SMEs around the world. Our law firm offers you a large number of benefits.