Dr. Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri Advocacy and Commercial Arbitration Group is pleased to announce the signing of an international cooperation agreement with the famous Chinese law firm Jingsh Law Firm

At 10 am on August 19, Saudi Arabia time, Dr. Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri Advocacy and Commercial Arbitration Group of Saudi Arabia and Jingsh Law Firm of China held an alliance ceremony through video conference. Communicate with foreigners, conduct comprehensive and close cooperation, and jointly develop legal services market in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, and China.

Video call

Meeting location of the headquarters of Jingsh Law Firm in Beijing


Dr. Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri Advocacy and Commercial Arbitration Group, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Participate in the signing ceremony from the Saudi side

  • Dr.Abdul Karrrmm bin Ahmed Al-Shehri Group President,
  • Dr.Murad Abdul Sattar Saeed, Chief Executive Officer
  • Abdullah Ali Al-Shehri, Managing Director,
  • Adel Al-Zahrani, Head of Lawyers,
  • Mohammad Barakat Senior Advisor
  • Dr.Abdul Rahman Al-Sheikh, director of international relations,
  • Engineer / Salah Seif, official relations with China. and others

This signing ceremony was presided over by attorney Dr. / Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al-Shehri

From the Chinese side

  • Li Chen, Secretary-General of the Global Alliance,
  • Hilary Huang Lujuan, Senior Partner, Director of Legal Affairs, Road and Silk,
  • David Zhao Hexin, Director of Legal Affairs for International Contracts,
  • Lu Xiaomei, Senior Partner,
  • Deng Jun, Brand Manager,
  • Cong Haipeng, international lawyer,
  • Ren Tongchen is an international lawyer. and others

This signing ceremony was presided over by attorney Hilary Huang Lujuan


At the meeting, Director Li Chen expressed her gratitude to Dr. Dr. Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri Advocacy and Commercial Arbitration Group for choosing Jingsh Law Firm as a partner in China. Director Li Chen said that Jingshe Law Firm has been a comprehensive and large-scale law firm since its reorganization in 2014, which has been based on the local market, striving to advance while maintaining stability, focusing its efforts on building international planning and establishing “domestic + international” synchronization. . Development, a brand new modeled by “Online + Online”. Regarding the cooperation between the two parties, Director Li Chen said that as a law firm with global legal services capabilities, the establishment of the alliance relationship is of great significance to Jingsh Corporation to further develop its foreign-related business and expand its international planning

Collaboration is full of expectations and surprises


Dr. Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri, President of Al Shehri Law Firm, said that Jungish Law Firm has deep professional fields and business results, and has gained good industry influence. I am very much looking forward to establishing an alliance relationship with Jungish Law Firm and hope that this signing will be an opportunity for both parties to adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation and further deepen cooperation in various fields. He said that Dr. / Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri Law Firm would provide support and assistance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf, and other regions for deeper exchanges and cooperation between the two sides to achieve a win-win situation.

Group president Dr. / Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al-Shehri, explained that the aim of signing this agreement is the keenness of our group to attract the best elements and cooperate with the owners of technical expertise and efficiency to provide services and high quality to our customers in both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of China.

Director Huang Lujuan said Jingsh Corporation is full of expectation and confidence in the upcoming business cooperation between the two parties. Since Jingsh Law Firm entered the legal services market in the Middle East, it has been committed to protecting the legitimate interests of Chinese companies in Arab countries and Arab companies in China. With the ever-increasing demand for legal services-funded institutions and diverse needs, Jingsh Law Firm has developed strategic plans to provide clients with more accurate, more direct, convenient, faster, and more effective comprehensive. It is hoped that the two parties can further integrate their resources in the subsequent cooperation process, realize the overlay of advantages, and maximize the overall value of the results of cooperation through channels such as the exchange of experiences and resources, to provide a seamless. Contact for clients in China and Arab countries as well as legal services from other countries.

Finally, the two parties signed the alliance agreement on the basis of friendly communication and took a group photo.


With the continuous changes of the global economy in the legal services market, the development trend of internationalization has become the general trend. On the path of international development, Jingsh Corporation has made various explorations in establishing branches, overseas offices, and joining alliances. In the international situation in the post-epidemic era, the entire industry has been affected to varying degrees in international construction and foreign business development. In this context, Jungish exploits development opportunities and attacks the market. While expanding and strengthening itself, it is steadily promoting its international determination, exploring the resources of the international legal market, and constantly improving the capabilities of foreign-related legal services.

Ms. Hillary emphasized that cooperation with Dr. Abdul Karim bin Ahmed Al Shehri Law Firm provides more possibilities for Jungish to explore the international legal services market, accelerate the construction of the global legal services system for Jungish, and enhance legal services related to foreigners and legal training related to foreigners. and talents of positive significance.



Introduction of The Lawyer

Making progress while maintaining stability. “Large-scale + Professional” establishes Jingsh Brand:

Beijing Jingsh Law Firm, founded in 1994, with its domestic headquarters in Beijing and international headquarters in Shanghai, is a partnership law firm that combines traditional and new management modes. Jingsh has completed its domestic layout now, with 54 domestic offices and 372 domestic alliance offices, as well as nearly 10,000 lawyers in Jingsh and its alliance system. Besides, Jingsh has set up more than 260 professional departments and created more than 240 high-quality law services in China.


“Positioning + Layout” enables Jingsh to complete internationalization:

Jingsh actively promotes the global network layout. Up to now, Jingsh has set up 13 overseas offices and cooperated with 31 overseas alliances, establishing a global legal service network in more than 30 countries. Facing the continuous reformation of the international legal service market, Jingsh strives to innovate, break through, and actively integrate resources across borders. Jingsh is taking a different route than traditional Chinese law firms’ internationalization process. It positions the overseas offices as the law service platforms, not only the sales platform to provide cost-effective and comprehensive Chinese law services, but also a procurement platform for Chinese lawyers and Chinese clients to obtain legal services in the countries where overseas offices are located. As a platform-based law firm, Jingsh will set the unified standard of legal service quality according to the subdivision field and constantly improve the standard to optimize the products. Next, Jingsh plans to expand its global network to cover more than 200 markets in the world’s major countries and regions, gradually building a double circulation system linking the internal ecosystem to the overseas legal service market.



Headquarters: Jingsh Lawyers Building, No.37, East Fourth Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

International Headquarters: Jingsh Lawyers Plaza, No. 299, Hengfeng Road, Jingan District, Shanghai

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