Saudi Ministry of Justice publishes digital guide to property e-conveyance service

The Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has published a digital guide to its property e-conveyance service, detailing how to use the service provided by the Najiz.a portal.

“The publication is in line with our efforts aimed at facilitating procedures for our clients and saving them time and effort,” the ministry said. “The guide includes explanations for the seller and buyer, the service terms and conditions, title deed requirements, procedures, and requirements of financial verification.”

“The e-conveyance service allows the transfer of title for property (land or building) from the owner to the buyer through selling or gifting via the Najiz. a portal and the Mwathiq (private notary) service,” the ministry added.

It is noteworthy that the MoJ has launched several e-services related to courts, notarization, enforcement, and conciliation, through its Najiz. a portal, which offers over 120 services


Source: MOJ

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