COVID-19 Response

How is Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Shehri law firm Group responding to coronavirus covid 19?

The safety and wellbeing of our clients and employees and lawyers is of the utmost importance to us so we, like many other businesses, are taking precautionary measures to minimize the potential risks of COVID-19 and taking in consideration the fact that Portugal is in a declared State of emergency situation.�Our response is going to reflect the latest knowledge, expert advice and best practice in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The country is not going to stop, we have to continue, because only by continuing we can effectively fight this pandemic.”

Frequently asked client and employee questions:

How prepared is the firm generally?

To ensure we can maintain a quality of continuous service to our clients, we are in permanent contact between all member of the law firm and with our IT team.

The plans are reviewed weekly and we take into account our business activity, work technology means and backup systems.

We are communicating regularly with our partners and employees via email and also through our WhatsApp group available 24 hours and we have established a VPN remote access to all files of the law firm.

How robust is the firm’s technology and work from home capacity?

Our IT systems can support all of our partners and lawyers working from home as we are now operating. We have additional resources available to support teleconferencing and videoconferencing requirements for remote working.

We are only working remotely

How about printing and dealing with original documents, including documents that are being received by post?

We have also considered practical matters such as printing documents and obtaining original documents from safe custody.

  • Safe custody documents:�These are retrieved online and so can be transacted from any location.
  • Printing documents:�If needed documents required to be printed can be printed in the Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Shehri law firm Group and then delivered to our Clients in the office in a date and hour to be agreed with 48 hours in advance.
  • Documents delivered by post: �The documents delivered by post in the law firm are kept by the private security company of the building. BR Law Firm can deliver the correspondence to our Clients in the office in a date and hour to be agreed with 48 hours in advance or with a prior agreement can be send in pdf format.
  • Signature Recognition and certified copies:� If needed the lawyer is available to proceed with a signature recognition or to certify original documents:
    a) the documents are send by pdf to the lawyer;
    b) the lawyers proceeds with the competent legal service and send a notification to the client by email, WhatsApp or SMS mentioning that the work is done;
    c) The Law Firm deliver the document to our Clients in the office in a date and hour to be agreed with 48 hours in advance.

Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Shehri law firm Group Legal Chat – Online Meetings

We are asking all Clients, Lawyers, Partners and Employees to consider convening meetings by any available video�conferencing�system.

What additional precautions is the firm taking to minimize COVID 19 risks?


  • We have suspended all international and domestic travel.

Health & well-being / personal hygiene

  • We have provided increased hand sanitizer and hand washing products.
  • We are working through teleworking to avoid unnecessary risks of contamination.