Omar Abdulraheem Abdulsalam

Legal Advisor.

Qualifications: –

  • Holds a master’s degree in public law – Faculty of Law –¬†Tanta University.
  • Holds a Bachelor of Laws and Law – Faculty of Law – Tanta University.
  • Holds a certificate of practicing the profession of law and legal advice from the Cairo Bar Association.
  • Holds a certificate of practicing the profession of international commercial arbitration from the International Commercial Arbitration Authority in Cairo.
  • Holds a certificate and a license to practice commercial arbitration from the Arab and European Trade Organization.
  • Holds many legal courses through specialized centers in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Attending many specialized professionals and legal conferences in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and foreign countries.

Practical experiences: –

  • Experience in providing Sharia and legal advice in civil and commercial disputes and other fields and branches of law.
  • Experience in researching and arranging papers of various cases and setting an action plan that ensures the success of the case and the achievement of its objective.
  • Experience in drafting and preparing various lawsuits regulations and writing memoranda, defenses, and objections in legal forms in all cases and various branches of law.
  • Experience in preparing contracts for the establishment of commercial companies of all kinds, amending companies’ contracts, transforming their entity, merging, dissolving, and liquidating them, and drafting commercial agency contracts.
  • Practicing the legal profession, pleading, and legal representation for individuals and companies by working as a lawyer in a team of one of the largest law firms in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
  • Practicing the profession of commercial arbitration in many commercial cases and disputes with a selection of consultants specialized in the field of commercial arbitration.


Professional Memberships:-

  • Member of the Bar Association of the Ministry of Justice in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Member of the Arab Bar Association, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Member of the Arbitration Committee of the International Commercial Arbitration Center in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • International arbitration advisor at the Chamber of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Cairo.
  • An accredited arbitrator in the Egyptian, Arab, and European Chamber of Arbitration.